Laptop and Desktop Repair


We utilize the latest tools and techniques to remove threats and repair the damage caused by malware and computer viruses. If you suspect your computer has been infected, contact us immediately.


We stand behind our work. If your problem comes back within 30 days, we will repair your computer at no additional cost. Unlike other repair shops, we care about repairing your computer for today and future days.


We can replace that cracked laptop screen. Accidents and coffee spills happen. Broken laptop screens, bad keyboards and mouse touch pads can all be repaired or replaced.

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Since 2001, Global Spectrum Consultants has been providing computer repair services to all kinds of people in Dallas,TX. Recreational computer users, students who use their computers for school, business people who use their computers for work, and everyone else. We have fixed many different computers for many different people and are equipped to fix yours.

Our business is located in Dallas,TX is where we repair computers for residents in the local area and surrounding communities. Dropping off your infected computer at our location is ideal if you’re looking for repair services that are honest, effective, and long-lasting.

Malware and Virus Removal

Modern viruses can cause serious problems with system stability and the security of your personal information. Malicious software, or malware, can cause severe PC slowdowns; sometimes making your system virtually unusable. We utilize the latest tools and techniques to remove and then repair the damage caused by malware and computer viruses.

If you suspect that your PC has been infected, it is recommended that you stop using your computer to prevent further damage to your system, and to then call us to have your computer repaired safely and effectively.

Need At Home or On-site Support?

If bringing your PC to us is not possible or you need work done to your business or home network, Global Spectrum Consultants can come to you. We have on-site technicians traveling Dallas,TX daily. Whether you need a network configured, a printer installed, or a computer repaired, our technicians can come to you and handle all of your IT needs. From PCs to business networks with multiple servers and locations, we can help.